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Anchor of Hope Charities relies heavily on volunteers to help sustain and implement our mission.  With such a small administrative staff, the generosity of volunteers truly makes our work possible.

Contact the Anchor of Hope Charities Director of International Programs at Judy_L_Kendall@yahoo.com for more information regarding international opportunities or to inquire about in-office or event opportunities in the Indianapolis area.

Volunteer in our Office

Like any small non-profit organization, Anchor of Hope Charities can always use a helping hand.  Our headquarters — located on the northeast side of Indianapolis — is the epicenter of our programming operations and organizational management.  Please note that our in-office opportunities are only available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

Event Volunteers

AOH hosts various fundraising and community outreach events throughout the year.  If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser on Anchor of Hope’s behalf, or would like to volunteer “on call” for fundraising events, please contact Judy_L_Kendall@yahoo.com.

International Volunteer Opportunities

During the coming months, Anchor of Hope Charities will send teams to the following locations on the following dates.  If you are interested in volunteering internationally with a team, please contact our AOH Programs Coordinator for availability at (317) 750-4244 or Judy_L_Kendall@yahoo.com.

Program Location Team Travel Dates
Agriculture Program Zambia September 2015
Water, Sanitation and Education on Proper Hygiene Zambia, Ethiopia, Nigeria September – October 2015
Shoe Program Zambia September 2015
Water, Sanitation and Education on Proper Hygiene Zambia December 2015
Shoe Program Zambia February 2016
School BuildingShoe Program

Agriculture Program

Water & Sanitation Program

Africa Additional 2015 Trips to be posted soon.

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