Providing Shoes

We are a TOMS giving partner. We provide new shoes to underprivileged and orphaned children in Zambia, Africa.

Distributing shoes

A guidance teacher from Lusaka, Zambia wrote us:

 “I would like to thank Anchor of Hope Charities for the shoes program.  This means a lot to our children.  Most of them walk long distances to school bare foot.  This has been very difficult especially during the cold and rainy seasons.  But more so because we mostly deal with orphans and vulnerable children, this has given them hope that there is someone who cares and loves them and they have every reason to smile.”  Signed C.N. Lungu

Integrating shoes into our children’s programs has allowed us an opportunity to prevent infections and disease that school children encounter by walking barefoot to school.  It has also promoted school attendance by children who are required to wear them.  They say the Cinderella is an example of how a new pair of shoes can make a difference!

Our Progress:

2011:  We provided new shoes to children in these areas of Zambia:   Siavonga, Lusaka, Keembe, and Chibombo.

2012 – 2014:  Our program has grown!   We are now reaching children in Choma, Monze, Livingston, Siavonga, Lusaka, Keembe and Chibombo.   We provide over 35,000 children with shoes as an incentive to stay in school.  We also teach them why it is important to protect their feet.

Our Next Steps:

We continue supporting children all over Zambia, especially focused in the very remote areas. The areas that typically go untouched.   We also continue to review and update our educational materials, seeking opportunities for different interventions beneficial to the well-being of these vulnerable children.