Our Mission

Anchor of Hope Charities (AOH) was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization to sponsor and implement educational programs for underprivileged and orphaned children in Africa.

Our efforts have focused in Zambia, Africa.  Zambia’s population of 13 million includes 1 million orphans and even more underprivileged children, all in need of a solid K-12 education.  With an understanding of the needs for both housing and teaching facilities, AOH began building dormitories and schools in 2008. To date, we have built three.  Under this program we have also provided beds, linens, clothing, basic medical supplies, teachers’ salaries, arts and crafts programs, desks, books, secondary school tuition, bicycles and vehicles.

We added a second program in 2011 that offers new school shoes, after discovering that children often do not attend school due to their lack of required shoes or because they have acquired infections from the lack thereof.  We now provide over 35,000 children with brand new school shoes every six months in some of the most remote areas of Zambia:  Keembe, Chibombo, Choma, Monze, Siavonga, and Lusaka.

In 2013 we added a third program to Empower Women through agriculture.  This program allows us to focus on basic homecare, healthcare, and nutritional needs for the children that we serve.  We provide land, training and the resources that these women need to be successful.  Thirty-two women currently provide nutritional support for 300 men, women and children through this program.

We have discovered that unless we offer a holistic approach and address a child’s family situation, we are not truly supporting education.  So in 2014 we added a fourth program.  The program provides for clean water, sanitation and education on proper hygiene.  Once we are able to address the core needs of the families, we will begin to see true change, evidenced by children regularly attending school and being permitted opportunities to focus on their school work.

We receive requests for support frequently and review them in earnest on a revolving basis.  Our Board of Directors is currently reviewing opportunities to expand our current programs in other African countries.