Our Team

Judy Kendall

Founder, Board Member        SDC11279-4_edited-1-2

Judy  established Anchor of Hope Charities in 2007 as a non-profit organization to support educational services in Africa.  Her work has taken her to Zambia over a dozen times.  She has successfully implemented three programs in support of orphaned and underprivileged children, Her building program has allowed the construction of three school and dormitories.  Her shoe program has allowed children all over Zambia to receive new school shoes every year they attend school.  And her agriculture program is now working to empower over 1,000 women as they seek to feed over 10,000 people.   She says that her dream will be fulfilled when she sees an end to hunger in Zambia.  

Kathy Harding

Agriculture Program Director,  Chibombo/Lehteti kathy harding

Kathy, a native Zimbabwean, established NASAD (National Agenda for Social Advancement) in Zambia in 1991.    Her strategy ultimately feeds the aim of empowering the vulnerable with life skills to become self-sustaining.  She is involved with HIV/AIDS orphans and destitute.  He expertise on community will be key in the delivery of successful farming efforts that include not only the women involved, but to the entire communities at large.  It is because of her commitment and expertise that communities will become involved, supportive, and the culture of living day to day will change.    Kathy’s work with the Leper’s in central Zambia has been recognized by the Queen of England, her medal from the Queen hanging on the wall in her modest Lusaka family room.

Julie Vosloo

JULIE FOR aoh website 1

Director of Education Programs

Julie has over 20 years of experience in education.  Her services have been provided to children from K – 12, and have spanned languages and counties. She has worked with street children, physically and mentally challenged children, and children fullyfunctional.  She has managed and trained staff, and is currently working to provide alternative social media tools for an online educational experience that will expand her scope of impact.  Julie has a keen ability to make a cultural impact.  She has created and led successful education programs in the United Kingdom, America, Australia, Thailand, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.   Her home base is Zambia, Africa.

Kanyama Sanford

Agriculture Program Manager, Zambia.  Board Member. Kanyama Sanford

Kanyama, a native born Zambian, joined our team in 2007 as we provided focused support for the school system in Keembe, Zambia.  Since this time, he has offered support of not only our educational program, but most recently has been a tremendous asset the agriculture program team, offering not only his expertise in farming, but in team building and transportation as well.

Benson Muluso

Shoe Program Manager, Zambia 384003_329362837075394_239852579359754_1319120_1114910666_n

Benson was born in Zambia, and has a passion for supporting children while they grow to become change agents within their communities.  He understand the importance of shoes as they support a child’s desire and need to attend and graduate from school.     Benson has been part of the AOH team since 2011, and has been an key to the successes of our programs in support of over 24,000 children.  His role includes transportation management, inventory control, and program operations.    

Sarah Kronland

Director of Development & Communications sarah kronland

Sarah’s gift for words and storytelling has brought many viewers and readers to our media channels as they discover all about a world far from their own.   She took it upon herself to create our AOH Facebook page, twitter account, and blog.   Realizing her creative gifts, AOH is supporting her as she creates and deploys our NEW website!   Sarah also has a talent for photography which can be seen throughout the media channels established for AOH.

Ashley Benge

Director of International Programs ashley

Ashley has been key in helping guide the organization’s programmatic expansion and overall growth.  Ashley has served Fundraising Events Manager, and International Programs Director for over 3 years.   She consistently looks for opportunities to fund our programs, and to streamline operations in Africa.   Ashley has also organized and led US based teams to Africa as they follow their dreams of supporting our work.   She is also helping us turn a simple idea into powerful reality by designing and creating an eStore that will allow AOH to sell handcrafted items from Zambia and Zimbabwe.    One hundred percent of the proceeds  will help us to empower women through our agriculture program!


Chilufya Longwe

Board Member Chilufya Longew

Chilufya is experienced in managing development programs in Zambia.  His experience includes project management for Hodi, a Zambian based charity supporting humanitarian relief, education, HIV/AIDS support, and agricultural efforts. He also has experience in designing frameworks and strategies for child sponsorship programs.   He has supported the work of AOH for 5 years, both as he resided in the USA, and since returning to his homeland in 2011.

Victor Habasimbi

Board Member Board Member1_edited-1

Victor joined the team in 2011 in support of our shoe program.  He is a native born Tongan, and supports his family in Choma as an employee of the Zambian Department of Education.  He works with the  schools involved in our shoe program, recognizing the importance that shoes play in the overall wellbeing of each child.  He coordinates with over 20 teachers and 50 volunteers during shoe distribution efforts in February, and again in September of each year.   He helps us with the challenges we face.  For example he spent 36 straight hours working tirelessly with volunteers to dig our shoe truck out of a very large ditch during the rainy season in Feb 2013 – all so we could continue our work.   He is key to making our work successful and we are very gracious to have him as part of our team.