Our Partners

Women in Agriculture:   The women in agriculture will work with our team to define and measure current state and progress of the program in terms of current nutritional needs, home based conditions, increased school attendance, reduction in the number of work absences, and better health of family members.

School Leadership:  We have working relationships with each beneficiary school.  They have voiced their support and encouragement and are committed to assist with our efforts.

Builders/Vendors/Suppliers:  We currently work with many local builders, vendors and supplier, and will continue to do so. 

National Agenda for Social Advancement (NASAD):   We have partnered with this NGO on several projects.  The trustees serve the destitute in Zambia, each with a strategy of empowering the vulnerable with life skills to become self-sustaining.  They are involved with vulnerable children in rural areas, each with an existing school program.  Their expertise on community will be key in successful delivery of our interventions.

Communities/Chiefs:  Our priority is to develop smaller scale safe water solutions that are designed and locally operated, owned and sustained, each supported by the Chief. These programs will be developed with the local people to provide the training and education critical to realizing enduring health.

Zambian Agencies: Ministry of Energy and Water Development (MEWD) offering water resources management, administer water rights, and financial management of water supply and sanitation sector (WSS).

National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) who supports independent water and sanitation sector service regulation, focused in rural area.  They offer support in groundwater contamination and inadequate drainage issues.

The Lusaka Water Company has only just enable extension of a piped wastewater collection system, and NWASCO is advising Commercial Utilities on appropriate and affordable ways to improve sanitation service. We will work with them as they provides water and sanitation service to rural areas.

Worldwide Transitions Inc. –  This organization helps patients needing continued healthcare,  return safely back to their homeland.  We have partnered with this organization so that we could provide healthcare support for those who find themselves stranded in an American hospital or healthcare facility with no resources to get home, or assistance in providing for their healthcare once they get home.  Families or individuals from African countries should contact us and we will work within the US healthcare system to ensure that their loved one is safely accompanied home via air ambulance or commercial flight.  We will also work to update the environment they are returning to so that their health challenges can be safely accommodated.  Examples might be to build a room on to a family members home, or to dig a borehole (well) next to the family home, securing wheelchairs, bedding, or other healthcare supplies and support.   If you have a need for a family members assistance in returning to their homeland, please write Judy at judy_l_kendall@yahoo.com.