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Building Schools

Zambia’s population of 13 million includes 1 million orphans and even more underprivileged children, all in need of a solid K-12 education.  With an understanding of the needs for both housing and teaching facilities, AOH began building dormitories and schools in 2008.  Along with our building efforts, we have funded teaching salaries, secondary education (Grade […]

Providing Shoes

A guidance teacher from Lusaka, Zambia wrote us:  “I would like to thank Anchor of Hope Charities for the shoes program.  This means a lot to our children.  Most of them walk long distances to school bare foot.  This has been very difficult especially during the cold and rainy seasons.  But more so because we […]

Empowering Women through Agriculture

In Zambia today, the most important business is growing enough food and ensuring that it reaches everyone. To feed the growing population, Zambians need to increase their food production by 65%. Women make up the majority of the agricultural workforce in Zambia.  Yet, for every investment made in producing food, they fail to get the […]

Ways to Donate

Giving to Anchor of Hope Charities has an immediate impact. See below to learn just how far a donation can go. To Support Agriculture: $5,000  buys a borehole — or well that provides drinking water and support for our farming irrigation system. $2,300  buys a team of Oxen. $171  buys an ox-drawn plow. $6  buys a steel shovel. […]

Water, Sanitation, and Education on Proper Hygiene

We are currently working to provide safe water access, clean sanitation and education on proper hygiene practices for the people in Zambia, Africa.  Our goal for the next 18 months is to  build 6 wells, 24 toilets, and provide education within the schools and communities in Keembe, Kachele and Siavonga.  We will provide these services […]

Take Action

Anchor of Hope Charities relies heavily on volunteers to help sustain and implement our mission.  With such a small administrative staff, the generosity of volunteers truly makes our work possible. Contact the Anchor of Hope Charities Director of International Programs at for more information regarding international opportunities or to inquire about in-office or event opportunities […]