Our Story

Anchor of Hope Charities (AOH) was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization to sponsor and implement educational programs for underprivileged and orphaned children in Africa.

Our efforts have focused in Zambia, Africa.  Zambia’s population of 13 million includes 1 million orphans and even more underprivileged children, all in need of a solid K-12 education.  With an understanding of the needs for both housing and teaching facilities, AOH began building dormitories and schools in 2008.  We added a second program in 2011 that offers new school shoes, after discovering that children often do not attend school due to their lack of required shoes or because they have acquired infections from the lack thereof.  These programs will continue, and we are now adding a third.  It is a program that focuses on basic homecare, heathcare, and nutritional needs for these children.  For we have discovered that unless we offer a holistic approach and address their family situations as well, we are not truly supporting education.

We cannot expect a child to attend school when he is hungry and looking for food.  We cannot expect a child to attend school when his mother needs assistance in bringing money into the household.  We cannot expect a child to attend school when his family needs him to care for a sick sibling or grandparent.  These are realities for children in Zambia.

Therefore we must address core barriers in providing support of a child’s education.  To do this, we are moving forward to empower women to meet the needs of their families.  We will provide land, as well as teach, support and outfit women to grow food for their families.  We will also provide home based support and care (HBC) to prevent these women from being drawn away from their work, thereby ensuring their success.

Once we are able to address the core needs of the families, we will begin to see true change, evidenced by children regularly attending school and being permitted opportunities to focus on their school work.

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