Worldwide Transitions

A partnership with Worldwide Transitions was formed in 2013.

Worldwide Transitions is in the business of helping African citizens safely navigate back to their homeland from the US, when health challenges and conditions make this especially difficult.

If you have a family member who needs assistance in returning to their African homeland due to a medical condition, please write or call +1.317.750.4244.

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Mary received care for 3 years at a USA healthcare facility until Worldwide Transitions began working with the healthcare facility, Mary and her family, and her medical providers to return her to her homeland in Kenya. Photograph Oct. 2013. Mary’s family reports today that she is doing well. (May 2015)

Anchor of Hope Charities partnered with Worldwide Transitions so that we can provide support for those who find themselves stranded in an American hospital or healthcare facility with no resources to get home, or assistance in providing for their healthcare once they get home. We will contact the US healthcare facility on the family’s behalf to investigate an opportunity to support a patients transition home and assist where we can in updating the patients home environment so that their health challenges can be met.

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